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The all-purpose ESSEL Crinkle Cape has been crafted with the highest quality nylon infused fibers and strengthened with poly-infused thread for extra protection. This ensures the cape will last longer than the average materials on the market.


The ESSEL neckline is crafted with a waterproof sealant inside the material drastically reducing water reaching the skin, creating the softest material for the clients skin.


ESSEL is made with water wicking fiber to help keep clients dry, and edges are sewn at a 45 degree angle to keep the cape from de-threading during washes.


  • Medium weight crinkle nylon
  • Chemical Proof, All-Purpose Cape
  • Extra large coverage at 54” x 60”
  • Heavy duty snaps that fit necks up to 28″.
  • Water wicking fiber helps keep clients dry
  • Precision 45 degree edge sewn in to keep the cape from de-threading during washes


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